A nucleus of angel investors and community builders in the Cryptoverse. Passionate about investing in companies and projects that are contributing to the adoption of cryptocurrency.

DeFi Portfolio:

Proudly served some of the most reputable projects:

The ultimate value of 6K Starter is the long term reputation given to projects within the smart contract community. Since 2017 we’ve been collaborating with defi users, promoters, developers and all members of the 6K community. To be stamped with the 6K brand is to be listed amongst a ever growing infamous cross – community. The FOMO and rumors of the ever expanding and trusted portfolio of successful projects, start-ups listings and on going promotion we bring on launch, is highly recognizable by community as something to never be missed and to always follow behind.

P.S. #nevermissa6kcoin as they say.

Are you a project that would like to work
with 6K Starter? Contact us at hello@6kstarter.com.

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